What About Bob?

Having personally conducted more than 1,655 fundraising events, Bob Hale is known as
Ohio’s Most Sought-After Benefit Auctioneer™. His experience, true understanding of how to conduct successful live auctions and fund-a-need programs, boundless energy, and ability to raise top dollar not only sets him apart but lifts him to a class of his own when it comes to benefit auctioneers. Absolutely priceless for any organization.

Know that when you hire Benefit Auction Services, LLC, you not only get Bob’s expertise in conducting a benefit auction, you receive consultation services that have added value to every aspect of your event! He’ll work with you to establish goals and determine the right approach, always keeping in mind that flexibility is key, and changes can be made to maximize your results. With Bob, he truly understands that “The Only Thing Etched in Stone is Nothing’s Etched in Stone”.

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Bob is Ohio's Most Sought-After Benefit Auctioneer™ , based in Cleveland! With more than 28 years of experience working exclusively with charitable organizations and fundraising events, Bob has more experience than any other benefit auctioneer in Ohio. Serving Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, all of Ohio, and beyond, he looks forward to working with your organization.


Kathryn Riddle, a former Cleveland writer covering special events, said directly to Bob, "Every time I see you at a benefit auction, I let them know they’ve hired the best auctioneer in town. It’s true!"


While you can find auctioneers in most major cities, they’re not always going to be the right fit for your event. Instead of settling and taking a chance on your gala not being the best it can be, reaching outside your local area is a great option. Bob’s dedication and success stories are quite the testament. Check out his testimonial page, then give him a call!

He is one of the few rare auctioneers in the United States working exclusively with charitable organizations. He’ll make you feel comfortable, share his more than 28 years of expertise with you, and take your event to a new level of excitement and success. Give Bob a call at 440-846-8345..

Yes! Bob is available to travel throughout the United States.

Benefit Auction Services Raises Millions:
Let The Numbers Speak

  • Raised more than $47 Million since keeping track of his Live Auction & Fund-a-Need/Special Appeal programs in 2007.

  • Raised more than $1 MILLION for Make-a-Wish.

  • Raised more than $2.7 MILLION for St. Edward High School.

  • Raised more than $1.2 MILLION for Old Trail School.

  • Raised more than $2.55 MILLION for Lawrence School.

  • Raised more than $2.54 MILLION for Breakthrough Schools.

  • All while never, ever turning away small organizations! 

What About Bob's Background?

Celebrating his 30th year in the auction profession, Bob Hale is a fully licensed, professional Ohio auctioneer. In 1996, Bob devoted his talents to working only with charitable organizations. That's 28 years of experience working exclusively with charitable, fundraising events - more than any other Benefit Auctioneer in Ohio!

A natural in his field with incredible knowledge, a quick wit, energizing personality, and fast feet (he’ll run all around your venue to coax higher bids), Bob quickly became a favorite of many national organizations, such as:

  •      The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 
  •      National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
  •      March of Dimes
  •      Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
  •      Make-A-Wish
  •      Arthritis Foundation
  •      American Liver Foundation
  •      Goodwill Industries

These national organizations, as well as local organizations have been relying heavily on Bob's expertise and abilities for years. Local organizations of all sizes, such as:

  •      St. Edward High School

  •      Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

  •      Medina Creative Housing 

  •      Cleveland Guardians Charities 

  •      Epilepsy Association

  •      Womankind

  •      Strongsville Rotary - Chili Open 

  •      Lawrence School

  •      Our Lady of the Elms

He has participated in occasions honoring former First Lady of Ohio Hope Taft, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, and racing legend Bobby Rahal. He has even conducted events featuring former Vice-President Dick Cheney and legendary actor & director Henry Winkler.

His lively nature and keen sense of humor, combined with a true understanding of how to conduct a successful live auction and fund-a-need program, are priceless for any organization. You’ve only got one shot, one chance, to make your event the success it needs to be.

Do it right: Call Benefit Auction Services, LLC: 440-846-8345 and ask for Bob.

A Few Words from Bob...

Throughout my career, I've been blessed to work with incredible organizations, both large and small, and have gotten to know the dedicated directors, staff and volunteers who drive them. I'm so proud to be part of your wonderful fundraising events. You have become an extremely important part of my life and inspire me.

I’m also inspired by the incredible donors who support life-changing organizations with every event. Their generosity and compassion seem never-ending as they prove time and time again. Despite the many, many times I’m privileged to witness it play out, it’s always awe-striking.

While the Covid years made it especially difficult for charitable organizations to raise their needed funding, the effort to make up for that lost time is in full gear. There’s a renewed energy among those groups as well as the kind donors. The determination to make a difference is stronger than I’ve ever experienced. Perfect timing too! I recently retired from my career with Strongsville City Schools, which makes it much easier to travel to more events, not only throughout Ohio but throughout the country. So please don’t hesitate to reach out. The sooner, the better! That way, I can make sure to get the reservation for your next event on my calendar.

I also want to stress something that is very, very important to me. I do not discriminate against smaller organizations and events.

At a recent seminar I attended, I heard one of the instructors state, " I don't have time for little events." Instantly, I was truly saddened by the remark. What a disservice to the profession I love so much.

If you're reading this because you're looking for a benefit auctioneer who's dedicated to their profession and filled with passion, energy, and experience, please call me. I'm more than happy to help take your event to a new level. 

If you're an auctioneer reading this because you're interested in becoming a benefit auctioneer, someone who's truly interested in helping organizations but doesn't know where to turn, call me. I'll be more than happy to help guide you to a fulfilling career.

I thank all of you who work for or support the incredible organizations on a mission to make our world a better place. You do an awesome job on so many levels, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. I look forward to working with you as we continue this tradition of unwavering support and achievement. 


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