Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-profit organizations in Ohio required to use an Ohio licensed auctioneer to conduct their fundraising live auction?

Yes and No!

YES! When paying someone to conduct a live auction, non-profit organizations in Ohio are required to use an Ohio licensed auctioneer. 

And NO! Non-profit organizations can use anyone (unlicensed) they choose as long as that person receives no pay! The only compensation that person can receive is a complimentary dinner to eat at your event.

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Is it really that important to hire an experienced benefit auctioneer for your next fundraiser?

Gosh, yes! If you want to maximize your profits and leverage all the hard work you put into your event, then hiring an experienced benefit auctioneer can make a world of difference. I've personally conducted over 1,655 charitable events. Imagine what that experience alone brings to the table!!  Click here to learn more.

How do I go about choosing the right auctioneer for my fundraising event?

If you are looking for an auctioneer for your fundraising event, first, choose a benefit auctioneer working only with charitable organizations. They are a wealth of information in the field of fundraising and have a passion like no other.

Other auctioneers specialize in areas such as real estate, heavy equipment, estate liquidations, business liquidations, auto auctions, livestock auctions, antiques, coins, high end art and the list goes on. If you need someone in those fields, choose them first.

Bob Hale of Benefit Auction Services, LLC has been working exclusively with charitable events since 1996 and is a specialist and expert in his field.
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Do you need an auctioneer license to conduct a Special Appeal at a fundraising gala?

No! Special Appeals, Fund-a-Needs, Paddle Raises, Call to the Hearts, etc., are not considered live auctions since no one is advancing bids. Therefore you do not need to have an auctioneer license in Ohio to conduct them.

Be careful though! Putting the most important part of your fundraising evening into the hands of an untrained individual could cost you big time in lost revenue!

Bob Hale of Benefit Auction Services, LLC has been expertly conducting Special Appeals, Fund-a-Needs, etc., since they became popular all those years ago. Click here to learn more 

How crucial is a sound system for a successful fundraiser?

Having a proper sound system will pay dividends at every one of your fundraising events, time after time. In fact, it's been my experience over the past 28 years that a sound system can make or break an event. Imagine a room full of 300 donors, all having a great time, and you're using the jazz trios single speaker to convey your messages. Sounds silly, but it happens and it just won't work. So be careful. Utilizing a proper sound system will ensure all your guests/donors can hear your emcee, videos, keynote speakers, and, of course, the auctioneer who is there to raise as much money as possible for your event.

Bob Hale of Benefit Auction Services, LLC can guide you through the process of selecting a proper sound system.
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