Emcee &
Auction Service 

Designed to ease your stress and planning time, this service not only guides you through the process of helping create the flow of your evening, but keeps a watchful eye as Bob oversees your evening’s schedule, allowing you time to greet and socialize with your donors.

Hiring Benefit Auction Services, LLC for the entire evening gives you access to services including: 

Introductory welcome, guiding announcements, raffle, and revenue stream promotions, call to dinner announcements, introducing speakers to podium, properly closing of the silent auction, conducting the live auction and special appeal programs, and more.

Live Auction &

Special Appeal

We recognize that not all fundraising events require our presence the entire evening. Organizations may choose to utilize their beloved spokesperson, local personality, staff member, board member, or event planner to guide the evening. And that works, too!

Hiring Benefit Auction Services, LLC to conduct only the live auction and special appeal programs maximizes profits and assures you provide the best opportunity for your event.

Great news is that you still receive the same guiding services leading up to your event to maximize your fundraising efforts. Then, during your event, we are there to expertly conduct your live auction and special appeal to success!  

Expert Bid-Calling

Have full confidence knowing when you hire Bob Hale of Benefit Auction Services, LLC , you're hiring a true professional. Bob has a wonderful, easy-to-understand auction chant that creates excitement, adds fervor, and will delight you and your donors. To kick off the live auction, Bob will employ his trademark introduction that leaves audiences smiling ear-to-ear at every event.

Another critical aspect of bid calling is knowing exactly when to sell the item. Selling your items too soon, you lose money - lots of it, potentially. Taking too long and begging for bids can create an awkward moment with the auctioneer. Neither is good.

None of that happens with Bob Hale working for you. With him you can have full confidence knowing you are hiring a seasoned, professional benefit auctioneer who expertly reads your crowd and knows exactly when it's appropriate to sell your item. He will make you proud, and your head will be held high, knowing you hired the best. 

We could continue for many more paragraphs on this topic and highlight things you may never have thought even existed. Simply call and discover for yourself the power of a professional benefit auctioneer.  Our office number is: 440-846-8345.

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Specialized Consultations

Creating a fundraising event is hard work and you're going to put your heart and soul into preparing for the big day. Consulting with all your key players is crucial to a successful fundraising event. You can't do it by yourself, you're going to need help!

When you hire Benefit Auction Services, LLC, Bob Hale will help guide you through the following and more:

  • Event Timing
  • Run of Show (ROS)
  • Proper Sound Systems
  • Proper Live Auction Order
  • Proper Special Appeal Program
  • Tracking Special Appeal Donations
  • Additional Revenue Streams

  • Recognizing and Avoiding Pain Points and More!

    Each and every one of those listed above can carry what Bob calls red flags. It's crucial that those red flags are discovered early on as you prepare for your event.

    Know that when you hire Benefit Auction Services, LLC, you not only get Bob’s expertise in conducting a benefit auction, you receive all inclusive consultation services that have added value to every aspect of your event. He’ll work with you to establish goals and determine the right approach, always keeping in mind that flexibility is key, and changes can be made to maximize your results. With Bob, he truly understands that “The Only Thing Etched in Stone is Nothing’s Etched in Stone”

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    Sound System Rentals

    Benefit Auction Services, LLC now provides sound system rentals!! 

    Most large organizations, by default, have to bring in a professional sound and lighting system due to the size of the venue. However, it's been our experience that many smaller to mid-sized events rely on the venue's house system, single speaker from the DJ, or worse. This happens simply because they trust the word of the venue, band or DJ or think it's too expensive to have great sound. We've seen it happen all too many times, and it can adversely effect your event.

    We've got the solution! Low cost to you, high quality sound system rentals for small to medium sized galas and fundraising events.

    And it's not something out of the ordinary for Benefit Auction Services. For 26 years, Bob worked in the Audio Visual Department of a local school district in charge of the PA systems. That included all of the district schools, gyms and football fields. In addition, he was already providing the sound system for his other fundraising business, Ultimate Race Nights.  What a great sound system solution!

    We look forward making your event a great success with a great sound system and more! 

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