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Please scroll down to view just a sample of the many unsolicited testimonials I have received from directors, committee members, guests, national and local celebrities and more.  Enjoy!







You did a great job as always!
Excerpt of email from Joe S, Womankind





Hi Bob,

Thank you again for your incredible work!
Excerpt of email from Kristina B, Rescue Village




Hi Bob,


Thank you so much! You were fabulous as always and we greatly appreciate your expertise for our largest fundraising event!
Excerpt of email from Katie E, Believe in Dreams





Thank you Bob!


What a fabulous night! Thank you for all you do to bring the room alive!
Excerpt of email from Jayne E, Lawrence School





Hi Bob,


What do we need to do to reserve you for that date? It was a huge hit and we are excited to work with you again!

Excerpt of email from Beira G,Cleveland Angels





Hi, Bob -


We're grateful for your contribution to the success of the 2023 Annual Gala on May 11. Your involvement was significant in earning the degree of positive feedback we received. Thank you!
Excerpt of email from Steve W, Hearing Speech + Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati





Bob, you're the best! Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Excerpt of email from Patricia E, LEAF-Ohio




Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for helping us to create a fun, memorable and successful event! We are truly so grateful!

...Thank you, SO much for what you did for us and for making the evening so easy for us!
Excerpt of email from Gretchen D, Cleveland Angels




Hi Bob:

Thank you for participating in yet another successful Raising the Roof.  It is always such a pleasure to see and work with you. The highlight of the evening was the Z's ice cream of course :)
Excerpt of email from Dianne D-H, Medina Creative Housing




Good Evening Bob!


What a night! Thank you so much for your talents on Saturday in helping us to raise money for our school! Thanks again!
Excerpt of email from Melissa P, Saint Ambrose School





Hi Bob,


I just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome job that you did on Friday!! You and Joel were awesome together!! Can’t wait for Dayton as well!!

Email from Chris C, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Ohio River Valley Region





EXCELLENT work on Tuesday – a 30% increase from last year!
Excerpt of email from Carolyn P, Youth Challenge




Hi Bob,


Thank you so much for a spectacular live auction this past Saturday. We look forward to working with you again.

Excerpt of email from Cindy K, Our Lady of the Elms





Thanks to the best Auctioneer!! You, my friend, are a great blessing.
Excerpt of thank you from Sharon D, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration Foundation of Canton, Ohio






Thank you so much for once again using your skills to boost our Live Auction proceeds to record numbers! This has been the most we've raised since I've been here for 20 years. We will be having a follow up meeting in early December and will set the date for next year. Hope you'll be available!
Excerpt of email from Debbie E, West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church




Good Morning Bob,

Thank you again for everything. It was a fabulous event.  Everyone I have spoken to had a wonderful time.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and style for our event. We are thrilled you will be with us next year. Thank you again Bob for everything.  
Excerpt of email from Kathy P, St. Anselm




Hi Bob!

Thank you again for doing such an AMAZING job with our event. Everyone is always amazed by the energy you bring. Thank you so much again!
Excerpt of email from Nikki J, Epilepsy Association





You are amazing- can't say enough about how much I enjoy working with you... you are SO talented!
Excerpt of email from Amy W, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Northern Ohio




HI Bob,

Thanks so much for your help in making the Cleveland OH SCA event successful!  
Excerpt of email from Sheri S, March of Dimes




Hi Bob,

AMAZING! And much appreciated for all of your efforts. We are getting a TON of positive feedback about your last man standing idea too. I will never hesitate to say "heck yeah!" to one of your ideas ever again.

Please mark your calendar - we are set to take on 2023!
Excerpt of email from Sera N, Working Animals Giving Service for Kids (W.A.G.S. 4 Kids)





Truly, thank you so much for being so easy to work with and amazing! I appreciate you so much. It is looking like we are going to have a BIG year.

Thanks again!
Excerpt of email from Sarah Kay, 94.9 WQMX Program Director/ Morning Show Host: Scott and Sarah in the Morning




THANK YOU, BOB!! We are so pleased with your services from Saturday. ...for you to sell multiples just blew me away!! I really can't thank you enough. I hope to see you soon! We'll be in touch at some point on how we can work together again in the future.
Excerpt of email from Katie S, Ronald McDonald House




Hi Bob,

Thanks again for all your help to make this a successful evening. You and Catherine are certainly the dynamic duo -- and we are so grateful.
Excerpt of email from Cheryl T, NOAS (Northeast Ohio Adoption Services)




Hello Bob,

Thank you again for your charisma and positivity. You were an absolute pleasure to work with!
Excerpt of email received from Corey R, on behalf of Friends of Richfield Heritage Preserve




 Hi Bob,


Thanks for adding so much to the success and energy of Spirit and Splendor!
Excerpt of email from Jean T, Jennings




Hi Bob,


Thank you again for all you did to promote the Farrell Foundation and each of our various auction items and programs. Your effort and enthusiasm is phenomenal and much appreciated by our Planning Committee and the all of the guests.
Excerpt of email from Jerry D, Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation





You did an amazing job! We had so much great feedback from our guests. You made it fun and exciting. You are made for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Excerpt of email from Jamie F, AKRON-CANTON REGIONAL FOODBANK




Hello Bob!

Thank you! We really enjoyed the evening with you – and your efforts paid off! Everyone enjoyed the banter between you and David and it created a fun atmosphere.
Excerpt of email from Susan F, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Great Trail Council




Hello Bob!




It was a pleasure to witness your work at the Poor Clare's of Adoration Benefit Gala earlier this year! ... and we would be overjoyed to have your energy, expertise and enthusiasm at our Inaugural Golf Outing...
Excerpt of email from Olivia O, Veterans and First Responders Foundation




I'm overall SO pleased with the event and you are a rockstar at your job! ...Here's to bigger and better next year! With gratitude,
Excerpt of email from Amy H, Light of Hearts Villa




Hello Bob,

You were awesome last night! We really appreciated your energy that you added to the room. I will let the team know about all of the other amazing services you offer...
Excerpt of email from Kenyatta C, National MS Society




Dear Bob,

I learned of your auctioneer work as an attendee at the Saint Joseph Academy, Celebrate the Academy event in February.  Your enthusiasm and skill greatly impressed me.

This is to inquire about your availability to be the auctioneer and master of ceremonies for...
Excerpt of email from Kathy M, Christ Child Society of Cleveland




Hi Bob!

YOU WERE AWESOME! I can't thank you enough. What a talent! It was such a pleasure working with you! We did so well and you played such a big role in that!

Excerpt of email from Maggie L, Womankind




Thank you Bob for helping us with this event. You made all the difference, and you struck just the right tone with our audience. I also think it added a bit of fun to the evening.
I hope that we get a chance to work together again in the future.

With all best wishes to you, and I hope you have a very lovely summer.
Excerpt of email from Noha R, APOLLO'S FIRE Baroque Orchestra Orchestra




The following are written and verbal testimonials received throughout my career from local and national celebrities, as well as writers covering special events and special event coordinators conducting them:




I wanted to thank you very much ... I think you did an exceptional job.  I was impressed with your ability to connect and manage the room with limited AV.  
Excerpt of email from Mary Beth Lee, JOBEE





Truly, thank you so much for being so easy to work with and amazing! I appreciate you so much. It is looking like we are going to have a BIG year.

Thanks again!
Excerpt of email from Sarah Kay, 94.9 WQMX Program Director/ Morning Show Host: Scott and Sarah in the Morning




Thank you, Bob!


Your positive energy made such a difference - it was very fun, engaging, and successful!
Excerpt of email received from Deborah (McVay-McKinney) Williams, Time To Spare, LLC  event management






It was an absolute pleasure working with ya again. You’re the best in the biz for a reason...and helped raise a ton for a wonderful cause. Hope to do it again soon!
Excerpt of email from Jon Doss, Sports anchor at News 5 Cleveland




Hello again Bob,

I want to thank you again for the amazing work you did at the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center’s (CHSC) gala earlier this month. The work you do is critical to the success of an event’s most precious moment in the program.
Excerpt of email from Gail L Palmer, CSEP
Chief Event Organizer | Palmer Event Solutions LLC



I let everyone know they have hired the best when you are at an event. And it's true!
Kathryn Riddle, Writer/Photographer of Special Events - Cleveland



I have seen many auctioneers at charity events and you are absolutely the best!
Kelly Stevens, On Air Personality, WHOT-FM (Hot 101 Youngstown)



I've seen Bob many times. He really is the best!
Mark Shapiro, President -Formerly of the Cleveland Indians



...I absolutely LOVE working with you and I was so thrilled we got to do it again...I think we make a great team, but more importantly, I'm amazed to watch you bring the magic: you are a true professional; I have a lot to learn from you... 
Heather Burns, 91.3 The Summit


You did a wonderful job. Your energy is incredible!
Henry Winkler, Legendary Actor, Producer, Author


Everyone is raving about you!


Jen Toohey, Formerly Q104, Now Star 102


"I turned to Cheney and said this guy can float a battleship on a raindrop!"
Retired Wyoming State Senator Alan Simpson to Former Vice President Dick Cheney about Bob's talents.



"I had heard so many great things about you, and they were true!
Jan Jones, Cleveland TV and Radio Legend



"You are impressively skilled as an auctioneer, a great entertainer and possessed of inspirational energy! I know how grateful everyone at Lawrence is for the enthusiasm you bring to your work, and it's my privilege to work with you anytime. Have a great summer yourself, and see you again soon."
Excerpt of email from: Lee Jordan, WEWS NewsChannel 5



"Every time I see you at a benefit auction, I let them know they’ve hired the best auctioneer in town! It’s true!"


Kathryn Riddle, Writer - covering special events




"Bob Hale is a master auctioneer"
Posted on by: Rebecca Wilde, Q104 Wilde & Fee show



"Your lively style and auctioneering skills made the Legacy of Hope reception a whole lot of fun. Thanks so much for being such a big part of this successful evening for MDDO. Hopefully it will grow to become a big part of the success of this effort to promote community service."
Thank You letter received from Hope Taft, former First Lady of Ohio



"I go to so many events every year and you really are the best auctioneer in Cleveland."


Monica Robins, WKYC Channel 3 News



"You did a great job, again. Thank you very much!"
Al Roker, NBC's Today Show Weatherman



"You were fabulous!"
Barbara Adams, legendary celebrity morning show DJ with WKDD, Akron



"You are the best! You are the best!"
Larry Morrow, legendary Cleveland DJ / Personality



"Thank you so much. You were great! That was fun! You really have a God given gift."


Joy Swinea, multi-platinum songwriter - Nashville, TN



"I want you to know that because of our business, we go to a lot of benefits throughout the year. We see a lot of Auctioneers, and you really, really are the best! And I wouldn't say that unless it were true."
Art Thomas, Writer -covering special events



Hi Bob,
I just wanted to say thank you for your help at the Flavors of Northeast Ohio event. We had a ton of fun, and the auctions did great

Rachael Stentz-Baugher, SB Consulting, LLC



"You are a treasure in the community"
Guest, The Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School


After a benefit for the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School a guest came up to me, thanked me and said the above. I humbly post it in honor of my father who passed in 2009. My father saw something in me I didn't know even existed, and suggested I become an auctioneer. He was extremely proud and supportive of my career. I love you and miss you dearly, Dad.





Immediately following a golf event, a wonderful gentleman came up to me and congratulated me on a great live auction and fund-a-need program. He said if I ever needed a written testimonial he would be more than happy to write one. I politely thanked him saying that I never solicit testimonials. A few days later the following arrived via email. I was blown away. And Alex, I am forever grateful to you for putting your trust in me.




“It was our good fortune to secure Bob Hale as our auctioneer 7 years ago and he has done an absolutely great job for our organization in professionally conducting the live auction. As a result of Bob’s boundless enthusiasm and classy presentation we have been able to maximize and optimize charitable support from our auction as part of our annual golf outing. Prior to having Bob partner with our celebrity auctioneer, Bill Wills, Morning Drive Host on WTAM 1100 AM, we were raising $3,000 from our live auction. Thanks to Bob and his excellent working relationship with Bill Wills, we have increased our net proceeds from our live auction each year. This past year we raised more than $36,000 alone from our live auction. It was Bob who had the brilliant suggestion of offering our audience to purchase assistance packages for our clients at $500 each after the live auction. In our first year we hoped to secure 10 assistance packages. Bob raised 20 for us. This past year Bob helped us secure 40 assistance packages totaling $20,000. Bob is a true professional and a joy to work with. In the 7+ years with Bob as our professional auctioneer I have never had one complaint from any of our auction donors. If you are looking for a professional auctioneer for your charity event I highly recommend Bob Hale. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about our great experiences with Bob.”

Alex S. Petrus CFRE, Vice President of Advancement, Guidestone 






The following is a testimonial I received many, many years ago. I keep this one on my site because it was the very first I realized my services made a difference in this world. 



I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and my profuse thanks to Bob Hale and Benefit Auction Services...

I really needed some guidance from someone who I could trust and would work with me long distance. I found Benefit Auction Services in the Yellow Pages. When I spoke to Bob Hale I was immediately impressed by his professional and compassionate tone. Without any concern as to whether or not he would even get the business, he took over 30 minutes just to explain to me several options that I had... I knew right away I found the right person.

... he explained everything to me in great detail... I could not be more satisfied with him, and with Benefit Auction Services.

I am so glad there was Bob Hale to help me... I highly recommend Benefit Auction Services... As a health care professional, I appreciate the thoroughness and dedication Bob applies to the task at hand. As a person, I am grateful for his kindness and his sincerity... I am thankful Bob was there to help me.


A.S., Pittsburgh

(Long letter from client, condensed by BAS)




I hope my testimonials have given you an idea of what my services can do for you and your organization.